Notes on doing ALEKS with Respondus Monitor


Windows 10 step-by-step

We ended up doing it on a Windows 10 machine. Here are the steps that we followed:

1. Follow the link on the website

2. Login with UB credentials

3. Complete the Survey (demographic information)

4. Complete the Tools Tutorial (brief tutorial on how input answers)

5. You are then taken to a screen where you can select to start your Placement Assessment.

6. Selecting "Get Started" takes you to the Introduction Screen.

7. On the Introduction Screen select the "Download LockDown Browser" link. This opens a new window (or tab) where you can select which version to download (Mac or Windows). Selecting the Windows link opens a small screen showing that a download is in progress. It will give the option to Run or Save the download, select "Run". This will Run the Installation script.

8. Once the browser downloads and installs, you need to go back to the original window and from here you can select "Launch LockDown Browser + Webcam".

9. From here the LockDown Browser is launched and the student goes through a verification process involving the webcam / microphone. (They need a photo ID to complete the verification process).

My guess is that some students are confused by the fact that a new window is opened to download the browser. They just need to go back to the original window (which should still be open) to continue on with the assessment. Or if that's not the issue, make sure they are running the installation script and not just saving it.

On Windows 10, we did experience a few warnings / issues that were resolved by simply trying to start the assessment again:

Image for Steps 5 and 6


Image for the Introduction Screen once you select "Get Started" in the above image. The student will want to come back to this Introduction window once their LockDown Browser has finished installing. Selecting "Launch LockDown Browser + Webcam" will continue the assessment process.


Difficulties installing the lockdown browser due to Windows S mode?

Do you know if you are using Windows 10 in S mode? S mode is a security setting that only allows you to install applications from the Windows App Store.

This might be the reason why you are unable to install the Respondus Lockdown Browser, as this application is not currently available through the Windows App Store. It can only be installed by switching your computer out of S mode (this is a permanent switch and cannot be undone).

If you are interested in finding out more information about this, I have included a link to the Windows Support page: